Alpha Schedule #11 - OpenSea acquires NFT aggregator





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Alpha Schedule #11 - OpenSea acquires NFT aggregator
By AMERICANxRADASS • Issue #11 • View online
Hi Frenz,
For the past few weeks, the profit and loss statements of my NFT portfolio colored dark red … which I contribute to the highly hyped Moonbirds launch and the upcoming The Otherside mint.
Next to shrinking NFT cashflows, the NFT sector was dominated over the past week by acquisitions, apecoin, roadmap announcements, and quality memes.
In other words; we have got some interesting news items in this newsletter, and we’ve got an even more exciting mint weekend ahead of us!

OpenSea has acquired NFT aggregator Gem
OpenSea x Gem
OpenSea x Gem
The leading NFT marketplace OpenSea announced Monday that it had bought Gem, a popular NFT marketplace aggregator.  
In a blog post, OpenSea co-founder and CEO Devin Finzer said that it had made the acquisition “to better serve more experienced, “pro” users.”
Gem lets users buy multiple NFTs across marketplaces in a single transaction, making transactions more efficient and lowering costs for users. It claims to offer up to 42% gas fee savings and is popularly used for “sweeping the floor”.
RTFKT x Nike launch first metaverse kicks
RTFKT x Nike
RTFKT x Nike
Athletics and sneakers giant Nike has collaborated with RTFKT Studios, which it acquired sometime in December 2021, to launch the first Ethereum NFT metaverse wearable sneakers.
At the time of writing, the collection has garnered a floor price of 2 ETH on OpenSea, with over 4,700 owners and counting.
ApeCoin Becomes Largest Metaverse Token
APE coin reaches $26.8 ATH
APE coin reaches $26.8 ATH
Yuga Labs – the team behind the Bored Apes Yacht Club – has revealed the date for the much-anticipated Otherside project (more info in our “Upcoming mints”-chapter) and has also confirmed that APE coin will be the official means of payment.
Since this announcement, Ape Coin has made a series of new all-time highs ($26.8), currently trades at $22, and is expecting to end up much higher.
A “rug pull” is a wildly used term within the crypto world and NFT space to describe a scam in which the founders of a project don’t fulfill their promises after receiving funds - essentially, running away with the money.
In order to recognize these rug pulls and to help you improve your research, we’ll be sharing various tips and tricks over the next few newsletters.
This week’s most interesting story is about how Twitter influencer @chadgelina turned out to be a model hired by a marketing agency who managed her account giving crypto and NFT advice, while she just provided pics for thirst trapping.
Most of CT probably knows this girl (especially the guys) with the account @chadgelina

Turns out she was just a model hired by a marketing agency who managed her account giving #crypto advice and she just provided pics for thirst trapping..

And now she got fired or moved on
This chapter of the newsletter functions as the extension of my public NFT mint calendar, which is meant to highlight projects I’m looking forward to.
Below are the projects I’m looking forward to the most. However: do your own research into them if they sound interesting because this shouldn’t be considered as financial advice.
The Otherside
  • Mint date: April 30
  • Supply: 55.000 outerlands, via KYC’d wallets
  • Mint price: 305 ApeCoin
  • Twitter: @OthersideMeta
  • By: @yugalabs
Yuga Labs, the team behind the well-known collection Bored Ape Yacht Club, amazed the Twitter community on March 19 with a teaser of a forthcoming virtual world named the Otherside.
Until now, the video has gathered over 2.7 million viewers and has aroused high expectations among the community, since the launch of the other Yuga Labs projects are all considered to be successful.
The impending sale of NFTs for its Otherside metaverse will no longer use a Dutch-style auction this weekend, according to a blog post from last night.
In order to ensure as broad a distribution as possible and dramatically soften the potential for a massive gas war, there will be an enforced limit of 2 NFTs per wallet at the start of the sale.
As the mint continues, the number of NFTs that can be minted per wallet will increase. Each increase in the per-wallet limit will be announced on the Otherside official Twitter account: @OthersideMeta
Toy Boogers Kitbash
  • Mint date: April 30
  • Supply: 1.111
  • Price: 0.25 eth
Kitbash Boogers is an upcoming collab collection between 4 various NFT projects: Toy Boogers, Cool Cats, Deadfellaz and Robotos.
The project is based on mixing and mashing traits from these four projects into one wacky collection called Kitbash Boogers. All the 1,111 NFTs are completely unique 1/1 pieces of art drawn by Toy Boogers’ main artist Doug.
The four projects have over 15K different owners, and divided the 1,111 allowlist spots between their followers. This is also the reason why we are interested in this mint and will keep an eye out on their volume as the mint moves along.
Toy Boogers Kitbash mint details
Toy Boogers Kitbash mint details
The Shamanzs project is an NFT collection that contains various references to different religious tribes, beliefs, and religions. It has been rumored through its lore that the Shamanzs have an unstoppable wave of positiveness radiated all over the world, and are able to awaken the dormant ancient gods.
The roadmap is kinda vague and focuses on “giving back to the community”, “becoming a good vibes only brand”, airdrops, and creative partnerships.
What is interesting, is the fact that the founders of this project are an award-winning design studio called Brosmind, which is led by brothers Juan and Alejandro. Their work has been admired and hired by international companies from all over the world: Nike, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Google, Ray-Ban, National Geographic, Landrover, Facebook, Honda, Mobile World Congress, Mailchimp, and many more.
Something that personally turns me off, is the dutch auction that starts at 0.5 ETH. This is why I will look at the volume of the project during the mint, and decide from there.
Shamanzs art preview + mint details
Shamanzs art preview + mint details
We are already looking ahead to the next few weeks, meaning we’re currently doing our due diligence and researching the projects listed below.
It’s no financial advice at all, but you might want to start doing your research and grinding for these allowlists before it’s too late.
PS - Don’t hesitate to tell them you found out about them via this newsletter ;)
Twitter user @hunterhmaier has found some similarities between NFT investments and how Wall Street executives manage their stocks and portfolios.
According to him, it all boils down to your ability to control emotions, create a strict strategy, and understand human psychology.
Here are 3 ways I manage my NFT investments similarly to how top Wall Street Executives manage their stocks…

Few good jokes out there this week, my favorite is a reference to Steve Aoki‘s track record of buying NFT’s at their all time high, just before they dump.
Other notable memes:
when you buy an NFT and then steve aoki buys right after u
BitBrussels - about WEB3, NFTs & Metaverse
Earlier today, we attended the Belgian WEB3, NFT, and Metaverse-focused event BitBrussel, which included various interesting conversations.
FYI - We are planning to attend NFT NYC in June, so we already started a google document to track interesting NFT community events and parties. Feel free to bookmark it!
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