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Alpha Schedule #10 - Snoop Dogg Launches Digital Weed

Alpha Schedule #10 - Snoop Dogg Launches Digital Weed
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Hi Fellaz,
They say that time flies when you’re having fun, and I have to agree: writing the past 10 newsletters has brought me so much more knowledge, insights, and fun than what I could have imagined before I started writing them :-)
The newsletter also crossed the 700 subscriber mark over the past week, which humbles me even more. Thank you all for your support!

Coinbase NFT

Our beta is officially live!

Today we kick things off with a full-access experience for some of our waitlist frens. As we ramp up, everyone can explore the vast collection of NFTs on the first version of Coinbase NFT.

Check it out →
The largest U.S.-based crypto exchange Coinbase has released a limited-access beta version of its Web3 social marketplace for NFTs.
Six months after announcing it would be stepping into the NFT space, Coinbase today launched the limited-access beta version of its NFT marketplace designed “for social engagement.” The exchange announced that the beta version of the marketplace had launched in a Wednesday tweet. “HERE’S SOME ALPHA: we’re in beta,” Coinbase NFT wrote.
The Coinbase NFT marketplace is hoping to compete with OpenSea by creating a platform geared toward “social engagement”, which will be using the 0x Protocol, to discover, buy, sell, and connect NFTs at the lowest transaction costs.
MOBLAND 🌱 it's #420 szn
🚨#420szn Announcement🚨

.@SnoopDogg & @champmedici are joining MOBLAND to farm digital weed 🌱🧑‍🌾

🔥Limited collection of Snoop Dogg digital weed farms
🔥Exclusive content from Champ Medici

Join Snoop & Champ 👉

The emergence of GameFi 2.0 has begun👀
Hip-hop star Snoop Dogg has teamed up with the popular Mafia-styled metaverse game MOBLAND to bring digital cannabis to the metaverse.
Through the partnership, MOBLAND will offer the ecosystem’s first-ever Grow-and-Earn project. There will be a limited-edition Snoop Dogg digital weed farm NFTs, MOBLAND noted in the announcement.
Moonbirds NFT collection - art preview
Moonbirds NFT collection - art preview
The Moonbirds NFT collection needed just days to register nearly $290 million in sales, reporting record trading volumes after debuting and promptly selling out at a mint price of 2.5 ETH, which is roughly around $7700 at current ETH prices. However, the floor price rose spectacularly and is currently 18.18 ETH ($55,229) on OpenSea. 
While massive NFT sales are relatively common, the success of the Moonbirds NFT collection has stunned the NFT community and has generated a mad scramble to acquire them. Moonbirds NFT’s debut put the collection on top of OpenSea’s charts over the 30-day metrics, ahead of the likes of Azuki and Bored Ape Yacht Club.
The news is out! We are thrilled to be working with the team at @unitedtalent who deeply understand our vision for the future of Deadfellaz. 🧟‍♀️💥
UTA has signed Deadfellaz — an NFT project with holders that include Reese Witherspoon, Lionel Richie, Steve Aoki, Dillon Francis, and Alexis Ohanian — for representation in all areas.
“We’re really excited to support not only a female-led project, but one that has continually vouched for authentic inclusivity and diversity in web3 since its inception,” Lesley Silverman, the head of Web3 at UTA, said of the Deadfellaz signing. “Betty and Psych are true visionaries and leaders and we’re looking forward to all the ways we can work with them to bring value to the Deadfellaz community and make the metaverse a more equitable space.”
UTA will work with the Deadfellaz co-creators as they look to expand the project into other mediums like brand partnerships, merchandising, gaming, and live events.
A “rug pull” is a wildly used term within the crypto world and NFT space to describe a scam in which the founders of a project don’t fulfill their promises after receiving funds - essentially, running away with the money.
In order to recognize these rug pulls and to help you improve your research, we’ll be sharing various tips and tricks over the next few newsletters.
This week, we wanted to highlight a security issue for all collectors that are both using MetaMask as their iPhone; MetaMask even issued a statement that cautions the automatic Apple iCloud backups could be a risk factor that can allow hackers to steal funds from its users.
MetaMask 🦊💙
🔒 If you have enabled iCloud backup for app data, this will include your password-encrypted MetaMask vault. If your password isn’t strong enough, and someone phishes your iCloud credentials, this can mean stolen funds. (Read on 👇) 1/3
The team stated in a Twitter thread Sunday that its users’ funds can be stolen if they have enabled a backup of MetaMask data on their Apple mobile devices. Such a compromise could occur if someone gained illicit access to the sensitive app data uploaded to iCloud – particularly via phishing attacks.
This chapter of the newsletter functions as the extension of my public NFT mint calendar, which is meant to highlight projects I’m looking forward to.
Below are the projects I’m looking forward to the most. However: do your own research into them if they sound interesting because this shouldn’t be considered as financial advice.
The main reason why I’m looking forward to the Crayzillas project is because of its mint process: it’s a colorable NFT collection, that uses Polygon to customize the Crazyzillas. This means you’re not minting the art, but you are creating it.
After mint, you’ll receive a blank canvas and some crayons, and depending on your own creativity the rarity of the NFT changes.
The project itself is founded by Jensen, a popular YouTuber who managed to partner up with Wonderpals, Robotos, CryptoMories, and a few other projects for their allowlist giveaways.
Next to the cool mint process and the team, their roadmap contains exclusive events, giveaways, merch, and ‘future benefits’.
Crayzillas - art preview
Crayzillas - art preview
The Lunartics
As shown in the trailer below, the Lunartics is an NFT collection that - according to the lore - has been making desperate attempts to Moon It since 1969 when Neil Armstrong unwittingly ripped them away from their home.
The project is created by FOX Animation legend Julius Preite (Simpsons, Family Guy) and notorious Writer/Producer Dan E. Fesman (King of Queens, NCIS).
According to their roadmap, the projects come with animated videos of the Lunartics’ most futile and embarrassing missions to the moon over the past 50 years. Missions where Lunartics holders will be able to vote on, in order to shape the series.
The Lunartics trailer
The Lunartics trailer
We are already looking ahead to the next few weeks, meaning we’re currently doing our due diligence and researching the projects listed below.
It’s no financial advice at all, but you might want to start doing your research and grinding for these allowlists before it’s too late.
PS - Don’t hesitate to tell them you found out about them via this newsletter ;)
Alpha Analyst @dave_defi created a Twitter thread in which he posted his analysis about the Deadfellaz collection.
The thread showcases how thoroughly you can do your research if you cover Utility, Partnerships, Team, Supply, Demand, Price Behavior, and Smart Money.
Since DeadFellaz (@Deadfellaz) announced their cooperation with UTA (@unitedtalent) yesterday and the project is hyped by a lot of alpha communities and many smart money investors, I wrote a little analysis about the DeadFellaz collection. /1
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